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Shaman stories in Soomaa

Shaman stories take place by the fire, in an Indian tent or by the fireplace, as weather conditions allow or as desired.

The Shaman will talk about the close-to-nature lifestyle of our ancestors and also some other natural people i.e. the shamanistic way of life - eco-life in the modern sense. In terms of time, the shaman uses national calendar holidays, equinoxes and changes in moon phases. In today's vocabulary, a shaman could also be an ecoman-woman. Estonians have used more the expressions "A man of knowledge" and "A woman of knowledge". In the English environment it would be "Medicine Man" or
"Medicine Woman". So s general international understanding is "Shaman": the bearer, transmitter of ancient wisdom and traditions and
a link to modern life.
The Shaman will point out some connections between the technical means of today's information society (being connected with each other) and being in contact with everything living and existing in the ancient natural environment that preceded it. Everything around us functions in a common network with being. The Shaman starts from what he has learned from ancient wisdom, laws of nature and what he has experienced in his life. He uses creativity and does not pretend to any absolute truth.

PRICES: 120€ (for 10-20 people). For events with a larger crowd, the price is 200€ (it is always possible to negotiate the price and agree on the special features of the event).

1) Souls and spirituality

The theme is well suited for the autumn and winter months. After the autumnal solstice, the time of the Souls begins. All activities are related to thanksgiving rituals for the spirited wildlife and communication with the spirits of the ancestors. We try connecting them, ask for advice and send them away after communication. We seal the soul connections within our family or create new relationships with the corresponding rituals. We balance our state of mind and vital needs on a material level. Meditative rituals, dances and songs accompanied by drums.

2) Mardi, Kadri and mask traditions

What was the purpose of such activities? We are talking about body paintings, tattoos, jewelry, talismans, insignia and runes. What is the point of using all this - dangers and positive effects. How to safely draw something on your body parts? We draw one rune from the rune bag and draw it on our hand. We perform various rituals, dance and sing to the accompaniment of a shamanic drum.

3) Winter solstice. Christmas. Christmas stocking. In soot. Snowman.

Where does modern Christmas come from and what customs were performed before, during and after? What was the purpose of making gifts and the principle of transfer? Past and present Santas. Celebrating the beginning of the new year and the awakening of the Sun. Ritual songs and dances by the fire to the accompaniment of a shamanic drum.

Estonian saunarituals with Andres

1) Sauna training - Andres will talk about Estonian sauna, the good sides, Estonian saunarituals, anger and sauna customs. It ends with a demonstration, where the theory is put to the test in the sauna. It is also possible to combine the training with a longer sauna event, where sauna games and other activities are included, such as waving a fox's tail (to bring marital happiness), saying good luck in the sauna and, of course, the birch rituals. Ask for a price for your group !

2) The central events of the procedure are all about the guest's experience. We offer birch rituals in the sauna and massage in one package. One-on-one procedures. If there are more people, it is possible to include another masseur. It is preceded by an introductory sauna, everybody together. During the procedures, the rest of the group can have a sauna, cool off or enjoy some snacks.

A maximum of 6 people with one sauna man. In this case, each person will have 45 minutes of personal time. If there are less people, each person can enjoy for longer.

A maximum of 10 people with two sauna men, the duration of the procedure is 30 minutes personally (5 minutes of birch rituals and 25 minutes of massage).

PRICES depend on the exact nature of the event, approx. €120 an hour. With an assistant, approx. 180€ per hour.


Soomaa sauna stories

Cheerful and educational conversation lessons with Edu. We talk about practical things in the sauna traditions of the Soomaa region, old and new traditions and rituals, and humorous incidents related to going to the sauna.
We will talk:
* briefly about the construction of the sauna, how, from what and where it was built, depending on the special features of Soomaa
* about making decisions, when to do what
* how to whistle, why and for what,
* flirting with each other, also sauna with children
* "the indomitable wasp"
* about the use of plants in the sauna - which ones, where and how they have been used
* cosmetic foodstuffs
* what is salt blowing or salt blowing
* From Soomaa's special water
* the moon and women in the sauna
* summoning and bathing the ancestors and sending them away

The event is suitable as an additional activity for various groups interested in the matter.
PRICE: €100 calculated for 10 people.

              Price for 20 people: €160 
NB! For smaller or larger groups, a separate price can be negotiated.

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