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The temperature in the Country sauna is between 55° С and 70° С, which is almost twice lower than in the so-called ordinary sauna. The Country sauna is steam-powered. Steam is generated by throwing water on the stones inside the stove. The hotter the stones, the deeper the water gets between them - the smaller the steam particles and the hotter and drier the sauna. The main difference between a country sauna and a regular sauna is that the stones are heated in a closed stove and the stove door is opened only for steaming. The steam coming from the stove rises to the ceiling and is directed downwards with a towel or  a bath whisk immediately after being steamed. In the Country sauna 2-3 people fit in at a time, but the sauna continues to be hot for a large group as well, the Country sauna is especially nice the next morning. In front of the sauna there is a sitting room, right on the bank of the river, there is a campfire and a barbecue with a grill, which forms a whole and provides a pleasant opportunity for a larger group to have a sauna.

Soome saun


In the Finnish sauna, steam is obtained by throwing water on the stones. The main difference between a Finnish sauna and other types of steam baths is the extreme heat. In today's Finnish saunas, the air temperature rises up to 120° С. The Finnish sauna improves the blood supply and gives a positive cosmetic effect. The Finnish sauna is good for your health due to the optimal humidity and temperature ratio. 10-15 people fit into the big Finnish sauna at a time.

Auru-aroomi saun


The steam-aroma sauna combines the good features of both saunas. We can adjust the temperature and humidity. The maximum temperature is 60° С and the humidity is 80%. Due to the steam sauna, the body reacts less to weather changes and is less susceptible to pathogens. The blood supply in your body is strengthened and the skin can breathe better. The vital functions of the body improve. The special feature of the aroma sauna is that the health is enhanced by the use of natural essential oils from plants and herbs. The aroma lifts the mood, helps to relieve diseases and relaxes, the metabolism and the immune system are stimulated.



The hot tub is a big round bath where the water is heated up to 38° С, it is nice to relax and spend time in the warm water. It is good and pleasant to relax in the hot tub on summer evenings or on a cool autumn night. The hot tub water is heated with wood. When used in summer, the water temperature may be lower than in autumn. When using the hot tub in cold weather, you should be in the water up to your neck and be sure to put a hat and not to freeze your neck.


You can also enjoy ice-cold bathing in the winter.

Booking the saunas and additional information tel. +3725522490 (Mari-Liis) or +3725100832 (Rein).

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