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Please treat the buildings, furniture, and surrounding environment with care!

  • Check-in is at 3:00 PM, check-out is at 12:00 PM on the departure day.

  • The use of a rowing boat is included in the room price. Please wear a life jacket, which can be found in the corridor next to the kitchen in the Main House.

  • When leaving the room, please turn off the lights, close the windows and doors. Please do not wear outdoor shoes indoors!

  • Before departure, check Your room, place the dishes in the dishwasher in the kitchen, and dispose of sorted trash in the containers in the parking lot.

  • Lock all doors and windows, leave the key in front of the door!

  • Pets are allowed by prior arrangement. The fee for pet accommodation is €15. If a pet has caused any damage to the house or its surroundings, it must be compensated by the owner.


  • Do not use open fire inside the building.

  • Smoking indoors is prohibited. Cigarette butts must be placed only in ashtrays or other designated areas.

  • Upon arrival, get to know the nearest evacuation exits and locations of firefighting equipment. In case of fire, inform the emergency centre immediately tel.112 and the accommodation provider tel. +3725100832.

  • Ensure continuous supervision when grilling, and after finishing, make sure that the coals are completely extinguished. Grilling is not allowed within 20 meters of the building.

NB! It is not allowed to burn wood in charcoal grills!


NB! Right to refuse the handover of accommodation rooms. We reserve the right to refuse the handover of accommodation rooms if there are more arriving guests than the capacity of the house and agreed upon. Also, if guests are intoxicated or in an inadequate state. Prepayments made in this case will not be refunded.

Loss of control of the event, vandalism, non-compliance with regulations, or any such activity gives the accommodation provider the right to terminate the event immediately without refund.


Make yourself at home, but ensure the next visitor feels just as welcomed 😊!

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