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Clothing and shoes should be sporty, according to the weather and season. Bring a bottle of drinking water and a light snack. Allergic and chronic patients should bring their medicine. For summer hikes, when the air temperature is +20C and above, there are many insects flying in the air (May, June, July, August), it is recommended to wear as light and loose clothing as possible, which covers the whole body so that insects cannot bite. The most inappropriate is a black tight-fitting outfit (a horsefly magnet), which heats up in the sun, makes your body sweat and emit oduors, and insects find you easily. There are less annoying insects in the open bog landscape near the ponds, so it is worth bringing your swimwear with you to enjoy the soft and healthy water of the bog ponds 

An experienced nature guide points out the dangers on the hike. Ensures your safety as much as possible. He will introduce you to the local nature, the special features, culture and history of the given locality and will illustrate them with colourful stories.

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