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Guided kick-bike tours (2-3h)

In the Soomaa National Park, hiking with kick-bikes opens up an undiscovered world where natural

landscapes are revealed in their fullness. We move through the forests, where the trees create a

soft shade and we feel the stillness and depth. Everyone has an opportunity to choose a bike that

suits them the best to enjoy the beauty of this natural oasis according to your ability and comfort.

With kick-bikes we discover hilly paths and hidden corners of Soomaa that would otherwise be

difficult or impossible to reach. It is an adventure that offers the joy of discovery and closeness to

nature for everyone.

Kick-bike tours are also suitable for families with children.

PRICE depends on the size of the group, feel free to ask!


Kick-sledding hikes (in winter)

Soomaa's winter magic unfolds in front of You when kick-sledding. A magical labyrinth of ice and snowy landscapes awaits You. The kick-sledding trip sometimes takes us through snowy forests, where the trees are covered with a white carpet, and other times to ice fields, where ice crevasses tell their stories. Every trace from under the sled is a new chapter in this winter adventure, where every turn brings a new landscape experience. A kick-sledding trip in Soomaa opens up the opportunity to experience nature in winter in a completely new way - it is an exciting adventure for those who are looking for a snowy journey and closeness to nature in the embrace of frosty weather. We also organize evening hikes with headlamps. 

Self-guided price 2h 25€ per person.

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