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Combined canoeing, forest and bog hike to Sorkuni bog

Let's go on a daily excursion to Sorkuni bogTo get to the Sorkuni bog, we canoe along the picturesque Halliste river and then hike across the meadows and through the forest to the bog ridge. On the edge of the bog, we pass an ancient farmplace and from there we head to awesome bog lakes to swim. On the way back, we will have a rest in Mastinõmme, light a fire in the primitive way, make tea from the herbs picked on the way, cook some snacks on the fire of what we can find from the forest and talk about surviving in nature.

For an extra snack, grab a sandwich or two, something to drink and a towel for swimming in the river and/or bog lake. A sharp knife and a drinking mug would be useful..
The duration of the hike is 5-6 hours. The hike is also suitable for children, the youngest participant on the test hike was 7 and did well.
The trip is led by an experienced survival instructor Mehis Born.
Suitable for a group of 6-13 people, price 35-45€ per person, depending on the size of the group. Of course, you can also hike with a larger or smaller group, ask for the price!

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