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1) Sunrise hike (2-3h)

Early morning guided walk on a hiking trail. 20€ per person (minimum fee €90). An opportunity to admire the sunrise in a bog and enjoy bathing in the healing marsh pond, breathe fresh air of the bog and admire the silence.

2) Healthy guided tours along different hiking trails in Soomaa

PRICES: up to 15 people - 10€ per person (minimum price €80)

                Larger groups by arrangement.

NB! Children up to 7 years (including) free, school children half price!

  • Riisa bog hiking trail (2km)

It is an easy hike along the wooden trail. Suitable for people of all ages
a) for disabled people (also in wheelchairs), length 2 km, time 2-3 hours.

b) for families with small children (can be driven with a pram) 2 km, time 2-3 hours.

  • Riisa bog hiking trail (5km)

It is an easy hike along the wooden trail. Suitable for people of all ages, time 2-3 hours.

  • Ingatsi hiking trail in Kuresoo, the highest bog slope in the world (3-4.5km)

You will hear from the guide how it was formed. The hike is suitable for people of different ages, the length of the trail can be chosen from 3-4.5 km. The trail is partly gravel and partly wooden trail. It takes up to 2-3 hours to complete the trail.

  • Hüpassaare hiking trail (5km)

For the most part, it is a wooden trail with 2 swimming spots in the bog. . 

It takes about 2-3 hours to complete the trail.

Visiting the museum, approx. 1 hour is added. An Estonian composer lived here. You will hear additional information from the guide on the spot. A visit to the museum must be agreed in advance by the tour operator, and you can hear additional information about the composer from the museum keeper (the price of the museum ticket is added when visiting the museum).

  • Kuuraniidu hiking trail (3km)

It is a forest trail with mighty old trees and broken trees covered with mushrooms. On large trees, we notice holes of nest cavities. 

  • Hiking trail leading to Öördi Lake (2.4km)

Lake Öördi is a remnant lake of the last ice age, so it is special. A really romantic place at sunset. The bog landscape is different compared to the other hiking trails. Common freshwater fish, pike, perch and roach also live in Öördi bog lake. Also a special place for fishermen.
The track is not suitable for people with disabilities. The trail is uneven. There is a wooden trail and resting places by the lake. At the beginning of the trail there is a camping hut to have a good time and tell stories. It takes about 2-2.5 hours to complete the trail with a guide. An experienced guide talks about the nature, animals and exciting incidents with forest inhabitants. 

  • Meiekose hiking trail (5.6km)

The trail runs along the banks of Tõramaa and Raudna rivers, which are decorated with ancient oaks and lindens. The path leads across a meadow, where protected plants such as meadow geranium (glagiolus imbrecatus) and Siberian iris (iris sibirica) grow. It is a dirt track and can be muddy in rainy weather. In winter the trail is often under thick snow. The trail passes the place where Tõramaa and Raudna rivers meet, there is also a camp site. A 7-branched spruce grows there. The beginning and end of the trail is by the road. You have to allow 2-3 hours to complete the trail. I would recommend starting the trail from the end of the Raudna river.

  • Lemmjõe forest hiking trail (6km)

This is the longest hiking trail in Soomaa. Another kilometer is added across the meadow to reach the hiking trail. It is a dirt trail that runs along the banks of Raudna and Lemmjõe rivers. At the confluence of the rivers there is a large ancient oak tree. The trail passes two beaver nesting mounds that have existed there for a very long time. In some summers, there are also fresh traces of activity there. The protected plant species Allium ursinum grow in the forest there. The first major vitamin source in spring in Estonian nature. It takes approximately 3 hours to complete the trail. This trail is not particularly suitable for people who have difficulty walking, small children as well. The trail is sure to appeal to wild nature lovers. On this journey, it is possible to see and feel the nature and its uniqueness in different seasons.

  • A short trip in the surroundings

The guide will briefly talk about Soomaa's connection to Soomaa Holiday Village and the effects to its location. In addition, the importance of the place, the people who lived here before and the formation of the place in relation to the nature. You will hear legends and stories about human encounters with wild animals. We touch some aspects of folk medicine, from the importance of trees and plants to strengthening our health and immune system. About some beliefs and traditions related to the phases of the moon. If you are looking forward to a sauna evening, then also a brief introduction to Estonian sauna traditions. All activities are connected by humorous stories about human incidents in nature.

sunrise in the bog
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