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1) The hidden villages of Soomaa (April-May)

Let's go on an adventure along the footsteps of the past! Our hike takes us through historic trails that tell stories of the post-World War II era. We walk along former farm sites, where once the everyday voices of people echoed, but now nature has taken over these quiet places. Our steps lead through natural labyrinths, opening the door to untouched forest paths, where every tree and every animal track carries the secrets of the past.

In addition to the beauty of nature, the story of the life of animals and their traces unfolds in front of us - we can read the footprints on the ground and dive into the mysterious world of wild nature. During the hike, we also pay attention to the birds, which have once again claimed their right to sing in the silence of the former villages.

This 6-kilometer hike offers an opportunity not only to discover nature, but also to experience the atmosphere of the past and understand how nature recovers and finds balance after historical events. Our journey lasts approximately 4 hours, this time is full of joy from discoveries, the wisdom of the past and the admiration of nature. Come and discover the history and nature with us!

PRICE €25 per person (minimum charge €100).
















2) Bird watching trip

Welcome to a bird-watching trip where the nature offers its mysterious treasures like unopened pages of a book. The quiet gurgling of Soomaa rivers and the mysterious hum of the bogs create a perfect atmosphere for our adventures. We invite you to discover the world of birds through different landscapes - fields, forests or bog lakes. In every place, a new chapter opens up about the life of birds, their mysterious habits and unique food.

The duration of the hike depends on the pace of our discovery tour and Your interests - we can spend 3 hours together or wander through nature for up to 6 hours, discovering all kinds of birds that you would like to see. Whether you want to see migratory birds or observe the daily life of local birds, our hikes offer the opportunity to observe nature from a completely new perspective. Join us and let yourself be immersed in the wonderful world of birds!

PRICE €30 per person (minimum charge €120).



3) Mushrooming trip (July-October, 3-4h)

Imagine Yourself on a walk in an Estonian forest, where every step opens the door to a mysterious world full of tempting treasures - edible mushrooms. Through bright sunlight, different shapes and colours mushrooms emerge from the ground, inviting You to a journey of discovery. An experienced guide takes you through the silence of nature, teaching You the mushroomworld uniqueness and to identify different edible mushrooms.

After this exciting adventure, You have (hopefully) collected a carefully selected harvest and return to prepare something tasty. This hike isn't just a lesson in foraging, it's an adventure that engages the senses and ignites a passion for nature's wondrous diversity.

PRICE €30 per person (minimum charge €120).

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