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Canoe trips on the rivers of Soomaa

Sliding on the river is one of the best ways to get to know Soomaa National Park. Imagine Yourself in a canoe gliding along the rivers of Soomaa, where each season brings its own unique charm. In spring, during Fifth Season (flooding time), the rivers have come out of the river beds, creating a powerful sight for those thirsty for water adventures. Summer brings calmer waters that reveal hidden riverbanks and meander through green landscapes. Autumn brings rainbow-colored foliage, turning the river banks into paintings and offering a magical sights. At any time of the year, a canoe trip on the rivers of Soomaa offers unforgettable moments, opening the door to an immediate beauty and diversity of nature.You can hike alone, with a larger group, with a guide or on your own.

The canoeing season on Soomaa rivers usually starts in March or April  and ends in late autumn when the rivers freeze. The rivers are calm and suitable for canoeing for everyone. You can choose a trip with a guide or self-guided canoeing. We also organize multi-day trips.

Self-guided canoe trip (2-3h) 25€ adult, 12€ (7-12y)

Canoe trip with a guide (2-3h), the price depends on the number of people, ask for information!

Late night canoe trip - the night trip lasts 2-3 hours and is led by experienced local guides, under their guidance You can canoe along a calm river, see beaver habitats and observe traces of beaver activity in the floodplain forest along the river. There is a chance to sea beavers as well.



Bogshoe hikes in Soomaa (2-3h)

Imagine Yourself on an adventure in Soomaa bogs in different seasons. Wearing bogshoes You step onto a soft surface of the marsh, where every step seems to be part of nature's mysterious dance. Bog islands around You, the silence and the quiet whisper of nature. You will have an opportunity to understand the unique ecosystem of bogs and their important role in nature conservation of the entire region. You might see traces of wild animals or hear birdsong in the distance. This bogshoeing trip is not only an activity in the nature, but also an exciting discovery trip through the nature, which will take you into its bosom, where you will be part of the quiet beauty of nature.

NB! Bogshoe hikes in Soomaa take place from July to April (except).

PRICE depends on the size of the group, feel free to ask!















SUP-board trip on the Halliste river

Welcome to the magical waters of Halliste River on a SUP board! This hike offers an unforgettable experience through the wonderful nature of Soomaa. We float along a beautiful river, where nature opens up a new sight for everybody. We offer you the opportunity to free Your mind in the embrace of silence and nature, letting the flowing river carry you. The surroundings of the Halliste River are full of natural diversity that can be admired from the water - birdsong, the sound of forests and the peaceful murmur of the river form a harmonious background for your adventure. Whether it's a sunny day or a romantic evening with sunset, gliding on the Halliste River on a SUP board offers the joy of discovery and closeness to nature, creating an unforgettable experience for all water sports enthusiasts!

PRICE 25€ per person (minimum fee 100€), maximum 11 participants in one group.

SUP-laua mat
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